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The City of Hartwell Water Treatment Plant was constructed in 1964. The City of Hartwell draws very high quality raw water from Lake Hartwell, which is a dependable year-round water source. After the water is withdrawn, it is then pumped to the water treatment facility, in which the water is treated to remove any sand, silt, and bacteria present in the water. Various processes such as coagulation and flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfect ion take place within the facility, in order to assure that quality drinking water flows from each and every citizen's tap.

The City of Hartwell Treatment Plant has the capacity to treat up to 4.5 million gallons of water a day. As a monthly average, the plant can treat up to 3.5 million gallons a day. The annual average of water treated by the facility is approximately 1.12 million gallons a day, while the maximum amount of water the facility has treated, in recent years, is 2.07 million gallons a day. High service pumps at the water plant deliver water through 55 miles of distribution system piping to 2,058 residential and 571 non-residential customers. Distribution mains range in size from 2 inches to 14 inches. There is over one million gallons of storage capacity in Hartwell's two elevated tanks. These tanks provide the city 12-16 hours of water in the case of an emergency or power failure.

The Hartwell Water Treatment Plant is operated by three Class I Operators. The operators monitor water production, water quality, the levels in the elevated storage tanks, and water pressure throughout the distribution system. If there are questions concerning the treatment plant, water quality, or any other water related questions, call Ken Lystiuk at (706) 856-3211. Ken or one of the staff will be more than glad to answer any questions.

Staff Contacts

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Ken Lystiuk Chief Operator (706) 856-3211