Police Department

About Us

The City of Hartwell Police Department is a full service, 24-hour law-enforcement agency serving the citizens of Hartwell, Georgia.

Hartwell's Police Chief is Anthony Davis, who was appointed by Mayor and City Council in December 2013. The door to Chief Davis' office is always open; his office phone number is 1-706-376-3111 or 1-706-856-3213.

The Hartwell Police Department is composed of uniformed officers, a Chief of Police, Assistant Chief of Police, one investigator, five resource officers, four dispatchers, police secretary/clerk of court, DARE unit, one canine drug dog, City Municipal Judge and a public defender.

The citizens of Hartwell enjoys a low crime rate due to its small population of 4,469. As for crime, the Hartwell Police Department has a high clearance rate in solving the crimes that occur within the city.

The uniformed officers put their heart and soul into their jobs to protect and serve the citizens and tourists of our great city. These officers answer approximately 4,335 calls each month. While the call volume is light compared to some cities, the officers have to handle the same problems as other cities its size. The response time for the officers is approximately two (2) minutes anywhere in the city.

The police officers work with the children of our community. They also work with the Explorer Scout program POST-739 and the D.A.R.E. program at Hartwell Elementary School and South Hart Elementary.

Hartwell is updating the law enforcement capabilities of its Police Department to include a SRT team composed of seven (7) full time officers. Officers are trained to cope with violent acts of aggression threatening public safety. Trained officers will be available to provide an immediate response to control/defuse a situation that would further impact public and private facilities when assistance from other agencies of the State of Georgia is not available.

So remember, Hartwell, Georgia is "The Best Town by a Dam Site." Come by and see the officers of the Hartwell Police Department; they always want to make you welcome.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Anthony Davis Police Chief (706) 376-3111